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Embedded PIC TCP/IP
Embedded Web Server Board
Microchip C32
No PC required
I got tired of maintaining a PC 24x7 to deliver the weather data.
This was my original attempt some time ago.
I no longer sell this board but I have seen ( but not tried ) these two items:
and the source http://wiki.meteohub.de/Introduction.

This is how I did it.
The WeatherUnderground data is delivered using an 8-bit Microchip PIC 18F97J60 embedded web server with weather data from an Oregon Scientific WMR-968 weather station.
It is running on my Wx Net MAP 1.0  board. 
I have added some software to communicate with the WMR-968 weather station.
Sign up for a station ID from WeatherUnderground, attach your WMR-968, plug it into ethertnet and you are up and running.
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